Rhode Island, Monsanto Resource Farm is where this Story takes place....

I would like to be the first to let you know that this story isn't in any way fictitious, as if it were, I wouldn't be telling you this right now...Not Gonna go into much detail, But for now....Enjoy the story, and spread the word!

My name is Darien Quinones, and I am 13 years of age.

I would like to be the first to point out that Our Local Food System is currently in trouble! Monsanto LCC Controls 99% of our farming system.(The other percent belonging to The United Nations) making up this Monumental Malorinly are a bunch of dimwitted-Buffoons! One man in particular Named Kenneth Pinyan, Had Sexual Intercourse with a Young Stallion, nicknamed "The Perturbed Maverick". Porlton Hailman, A Monsanto Farmer, Devised this revolting episode, and illegally brought Kenneth Onto the farms, and forced Him to "Get It On" With The horse, resulting in excruciating pain for Kenneth, and Satisfaction on Porlton Hailman's Face!

Kenneth Pinyan Would later die from injuries to his already perforated colon, and Porlton Hailman was brought up on Animal Cruelty Charges, and has been sentenced to 16 years In Federal Prison WITHOUT Parole. Although a story like this would definitely make the news, It's "Uninteresting Concept" had News Outlets REJECT Such a story! Rhode Island Officials erased ALL KNOWN EVIDENCE OF THIS INCIDENT, leaving the world perplexed, into wondering why this story hasn't been talked about as much as it was on the day of Porlton Hailman's Trial!

"The Perturbed Maverick" was an innocent Creature, who wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody, Local Farmers say. His avidity, and temperament personality made him One of the most beloved Horses On the planet, and Fans of this remarkable animal will forever adore this animal.

R.I.P 1999-2005.

And Now, here's the ONLY Known picture of Kenneth Pinyan's famous "Horse Fuck" Incident: